Satsuma Table Lamp

This is the kind of post where I like to right some wrongs and dispel some errors when it comes to buying antique Satsuma pottery pieces.

If you look on sites like eBay, you will find many Satsuma Table Lamps for sale, which, although they are attractive, they are not what I would call authentic.  They even go so far as to advertise them as "antique" too.

My points are as follows:

  1. The majority of these lamps are made from Satsuma "Style" vases and pots that have been changed to hold a wooden stand and electrical connection.
  2. No right minded antiques collector would wreck an original piece to turn it into a lamp.  They would just be crazy.  Apart from drilling a hole in the base for the electrical cord to run through, they also block off the hole at the top too.
  3. These vases are only imitation Satsuma.  They are produced in the Satsuma style only - so be careful and wary of buying ones that claim to be antique.
  4. You may come across an old lamp from the 40's, after Satsuma pottery became massively popular all over the world, but that is most likely the most antique you will get.  There may be exceptions to this rule, but I think this is right.

So please be aware of my thoughts on this subject and buy knowing exactly what you are getting.

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Donna Kuntz - April 10, 2019

I have a Satsuma vase that has been made into a lamp and would like to find out the value.


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