Satsuma Ginger Jar

Another item made by the famous potters of the Satsuma region and other parts of Japan, Asia and the East are jars that are used for storing foods or precious scents. These jars have become known as Ginger Jars.

These jars come in various different sizes, from as small as 5 inches tall to over 2-3 feet tall and were used to store food items such as salt, rice, ginger and spices. They are typically smaller at the base, rising to a wider "hip" and then returning to a smaller opening at the top which is usually covered with a lid to keep the contents fresh.

As per the other items of Satsuma Pottery, the ginger jars are covered with intricate and beautiful designs, patterns and images of Japanese life, culture, plants, flowers and people.

In modern times, it is popular for the larger of the ginger jars to be turned into lamps. Due to their size and weight, the design makes a perfect lamp base to be displayed and used all over your home or office.  However, it is very unlikely (or foolish) for someone to use a real antique piece in this manner.  The lamps on sale are mostly in the Satsuma style, with the relevant designs and hallmarks, but not of any real value.

The smaller Satsuma Ginger Jars are more collectible than the larger ones, and jars that are highly decorated with hand painted enamel are the most sought after. Make sure you look for any damage when buying a jar and also make sure that you are buying an authentic piece, not a mass production version.

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Hi there. Unfortunately not. Original Satsuma pieces come from Japan and do not have English writing on. You have an item that is probably a mass-produced copy.

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