Satsuma Meiji Period

The Japanese Meiji Period runs from 1868 to 1912 and during this time there were many events that shaped Japan and also the pottery and porcelain that was being made.

The Shimazu Satsuma Clan who were based on the same southern island of Japan and from the area responsible for creating the exquisite pottery began a revolt against the government as they were not happy with the direction they were taking. The Satsuma Samurai rose up against the army of the Meiji government, swords against guns.

The uprising was swiftly crushed by the government army but the tales of the rebellion and uprising live on in the pottery and art from that period. Images of war, of the Samurai - notably Saigo Takamori or Kido Koin - both important figures in this era appear on the sides of the Satsuma Vases and bowls, fighting for their beliefs.

Satsuma Pottery from the Meiji Period is a popular choice among collectors and antique buyers due to the historic times when it was created as well as the fine craftsmanship and quality.

The style of painting on many pieces from the Meiji period is known as Kinran-de or "gild on". Many of the scenes and images painted are usually of the upper classes of Japanese society undertaking leisure activities, such as walking.  The images painted in this period usually reflect back to the previous periods, such as the Edo period (1600-1867) and can feature landscape views of oceans, mountains and trees with beautiful cherry blossoms (a definite hallmark of Japan and Japanese art in general).

However, Meiji satsumaware was actually hardly seen or used in Japan and was mainly produced for export to other parts of the world, where the Satsuma style had become very desirable.

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I have a tea pot with O on the bottom which looks like It was Made From dots and what looks like a plus sign inside the O on the bottom. It has a bamboo handle and color pictures on the side of people sitting on one side and two standing on the other side one looks like he has a long sword on his side. Behind the people the Background looks and feels like a brick wall. The people look like the are standing on a raise cobblestone walk

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