This Satsuma Does Not Exist

Everything is all about AI these days.

If you aren't using ChatGPT to write your emails or homework, then you might be using tools like Midjourney to create amazing AI art. AI is all around us now, even though you might never notice it.

I decided to use AI to create some Satsuma Pottery pieces, to see what could be created, and it came up with some good and pretty realistic examples.

This is an AI interpretation of a Satsuma Vase.

Notice how it got the design and feel of the pieces quite well, although the colors look a little different to what we would normally expect to see.

Midjourney AI representation of a "Satsuma Vase"

This second attempt gave me some better results.

More examples of an AI generated Satsuma Vase

These are some images of close-up detail of Satsuma Vases that I generated using the AI tools. They don't look perfect, but give a good idea of Moriage and the colors used. Although, to me they look quite modern in design. The topic of the decoration does not match a real antique Satsuma Pottery vase.

Close up detail of Satsuma design - AI even put real Satsumas on there 🙂
AI generated these surface designs well, getting the Gosu Blue coloring too.

Some of the common images on Satsuma pieces are of the Immortals or Seven Gods of Good Fortune. AI gave some good representations of these too:

The Japanese Immortals captured by AI on this Satsuma Charger
The 7 Gods of Good Fortune as imagined by Midjourney AI

Some of the images on the 7 Gods vase don't look very Japanese to me, or very "Satsuma-ish" but the one in the bottom right corner looks very genuine.

And what about the (infamous) Satsuma Egg? The images generated from that idea are quite realistic if you compare them to the real thing.

Some Satsuma Eggs as generated by AI technology

I am not sure Satsuma Eggs were ever real antiques though. Probably something that was created for a mass-market audience once popularity took off in the 1940's.

Satsuma Buttons worn on the Kimono are also a popular item for people to collect. The intricate designs and coloring attract people to them instantly. AI didn't quite get them right, but they still look like something I would have in my collection.

So, what do you think?

Does AI generated Satsuma Pottery pass the test?

Would you buy any of these items? Let me know in the comments below.