Satsuma Pottery Valuation Service

One thing that many of the visitors to this website and to the Facebook page are looking for is some confirmation if what they have in their hands is a real piece of Satsuma Pottery or not.

Whilst I am an avid collector, I am no expert in valuing antiques of any sort, so I have partnered with ValueMyStuff as a place where you can get valuations and information about your pieces.

Click here to visit ValueMyStuff and value your Satsuma Pottery

Why do I need my Satsuma valued?

There may be a few reasons why you might like to have your pieces or Satsuma or any antiques appraised:

  • You are unsure of it's real value.
  • You are not aware if the piece you have is genuine or not.
  • You have been told that the Satsuma Vase your Grandmother owned was an original and it has been handed down to you - you want to see how valuable it really is (was crazy old Granny telling the truth?)
  • You have some pieces and are looking to sell them or value them for home insurance.
  • You are trying to work out who made your Satsuma piece - not all of the markings are easy to read.

How does it work?

value my stuff example certificates

Using ValueMyStuff is very easy.

All you need to do is provide them with some photographs of the item, plus as much information as possible and they do the rest.

When sending in photographs, make sure to include a shot of the markings on the bottom of the piece, some detail of the painting on the piece and any damage there might be.  Try to include close up shots as well as ones that show the overall piece.

Your antique will be appraised by the experts and you are issued with a certificate within 48 hours that gives you:

A unique ValueMyStuff reference for the item in question.

This allows you to find your item again and it can be referred to in any documentation you might need to keep about it (will or contents insurance for example).

A "Guarantee Line" given by the expert.

This is an accurate title for your item.  You might have thought it was a Satsuma Vase, but is might end up being a Meiji Charger instead.


The specialists description of your item, so you know exactly what it is.

The date it was made.

The specialist at ValueMyStuff will give you an approximate (or exact id possible) date of when your item was made.

The width and height of the piece.

Not crucial information as you already have it in your hands - but ideal for information and insurance.

Auction Value

The specialist appraiser will value your piece and give you the approximate value they expect it to reach at auction.  This is done by looking at how much similar pieces have sold for and will take into account any damage and the condition too.

Insurance Value

This is the value you should insure the item for if you plan to keep it.

Extra Notes.

Here, the specialist will expand with any more information about your piece that will be either important or useful to know.  They might also give you some more information about the historic period when it was made and they might also respond to any of the points you made in your description - for example, confirming that crazy old Granny was not quite so crazy after all and was given the Satsuma Vase when she was a Geisha girl for a Japanese warlord!

An Internet Certificate

Once your Satsuma piece or antique piece has been appraised by ValueMyStuff, they will give you a unique link that you can give out to other people.  This is especially handy if you are planning to sell your item or need to give details to your insurers.

Why ValueMyStuff?

Many people who have contacted me through this website are not near any reputable auctioneers or specialists that can help them, so a service such as ValueMyStuff is perfect as you can get access to them 24/7.

The price per valuation is also very reasonable and there are discounts if you are getting more than one item valued too.

The main benefit I can see is that for a low price, you are getting a proper antique expert looking at your item and giving you an impartial appraisal.  You don't need to be worried that you might be getting ripped off by a back street shop who is more interested in buying your Satsuma from you at a low price.  These are real experts who have worked at places such as Sotheby‚Äôs and have tons of experience dealing with all sorts of antiques.