Satsuma Tea Set

good example of satsuma tea set

Although Satsuma style pottery can be very old, there are still a number of Tea Sets that were made during this time period.

The Satsuma Tea Sets usually come as a set, often in a wooden presentation case inlaid with a soft material such as velvet or silk.  However, it is also possible that the set may be more modern, which is also something you would need to look out for when buying.

This kind of pottery tea set also features the intricate designs, patterns and images that make the Satsuma style so popular and collectable all over the world.

You may find a set with images of Geisha girls on or minute pictures of plants and flowers.  The images are so tiny and intricate that it is hard to believe that they have been created by hand, hundreds of years ago.  It is also common to find imagery of the Japanese Immortal gods on these pieces - especially the saucers and bowls.

However, these gods of wealth, wisdom and luck are featured heavily on many of the potteries from the Satsuma region and time period.

Many pieces also seem to feature dragons as the motif, with the teapot especially, using the dragon's head and neck as the pouring spout.  It is also common for these pieces to be painted in quite dark colours, using Gosu blue and also lots of gold.

Even though they were designed for everyday use in Japan, it is likely that some sets were merely decorative, or were designed to be presented as gifts, rather than used to drink green tea on a regular basis.

When buying a Satsuma tea set, make sure that you ensure that it is all in place. The set often comprises of a small tea-pot and some small bowls or cups (later on).

Also, make sure that the markings on the bottom of the set are not written in English as this is a good indication that it is not an original piece and could be a copy or a more modern reproduction.

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